Partners & Involved Parties

Project Promoter

Renel provides innovative, holistic solutions for energy and electromechanical projects and services. Emphasizing on the industrial, energy and building sector, Renel designs and implements cost-effective and green solutions for businesses and organizations, helping to improve business efficiency, increase resilience and promote their business vision.

From design and construction to maintenance services, Renel excels in low and medium-voltage electrical installations, renewable energy sources, and #electromobility projects. Renel is serving as the project promoter and leading our coordinated efforts to revolutionize aerial power network inspections. Together, we’re reaching new heights!


Innora is a spin-off of the University of Western Macedonia that specializes in game-changing energy management solutions that span the electricity grid, electric vehicle charging stations, buildings, industries, and renewable energy sources. Sustainability and innovation drive their mission.

Drawing from University of Western Macedonia research, Innora develops cutting-edge applications in the energy sector, engages in #research and innovation initiatives, and offers tailored educational programs for enterprise teams.

Innora’s pivotal role in the ALTITUDE project revolves around the communication protocol, helping us redefine aerial power network inspections.


HEDNO took on the vital role of Greece’s Electricity Distribution Network Operator. With 51% owned by PPC S.A. and 49% by Macquarie Asset Management, they’re here to ensure Greece’s power distribution network runs smoothly.

HEDNO’s mission and vision revolve around meeting customer expectations, fostering development, and contributing to the welfare of fellow citizens, all while respecting people and the environment.

In ALTITUDE, HEDNO serves as the pilot user, helping elevate the future of aerial power network inspections!


SciDrones P.C. is a spin-off company from the University of the Aegean (2022). It is a private startup company located in Lesvos Island, Greece, founded in 2021, by a team of experts in coastal mapping. The founders have vast experience in remote sensing, geoinformatics, and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technologies. SciDrones is a natural result of 7 years of intensive research on UAS technology and visualization of the geoinformation in the coastal area.

SciDrones’ main business focus is the mapping and quantifying of emerging coastal phenomena through state-of-the-art sensors. Quantification includes artificial intelligence algorithms and dedicated spatiotemporal visualizations. SciDrones analytical tools transform remote sensing data into real Information that drives decision-making.